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PWB has built an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and a growing digital collection. Our repository also includes unique materials focusing on specific subjects that can be accessed by special request.



Explore and discover your next great read from this collection. 

        (Search for UniSZA Digital Repositories such as

        journals, UniSZA  publications and more)


        Step-by-step tutorial on how to use NeuAXIS-i

        (NeuAXIS-e is a one-stop search tool that helps

        library users to easily search across and beyond 

        the Library’s holdings, subscribed electronic

        resources and open access)

         (Free Digital Library Services​)


Library Catalog Search & User Guides


Our team is available to make suggestions and help you find the perfect title from this collection.


Open Educational Resources (OER)


PWB Library MOOC / Life-long Learning 

List of online resources for self learning materials. Click to enter this course.


Research Guides


Bibliography & Citation Tools

Writing Tools

  1. Free Academic Research Tools

  2. Free Online Plagiarism Checker

  3. Grammarly@EDU (Register & enter access code: fRloeoiShLBD6i2R). Sign-Up Process for Grammarly@edu Users (premium version) | Video Tutorial

Garis Panduan Penerbitan Jurnal Ilmiah | Submission Guidelines

  1. Garis Panduan Penerbitan Jurnal Ilmiah Malaysia

  2. Indikator Jurnal Berkualiti 

  3. that helps the researchers to identify trusted journals for publication. It contains a simple checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.


6 ways to spot a Predatory Journal:

  1. Always check the website thoroughly
  2. Check if the journal is a member of DOAJCOPEOASPA or STM
  3. Check the journal’s contact information
  4. Research the editorial board
  5. Take a look at their peer review process and publication timelines
  6. Read through past issues of the journal      

  Choose a trustworthy journal for your research. Think. Check. Submit. Click Video Guide 


Predatory / Blacklisted Journals & Publishers

Here are few useful guides regarding this issue on predatory journals:

  1. Tips and tools to spot predatory journal publishers

  2. Check out Open Access Journal Quality Indicators

  3. Retraction Watch – A blog that reports on retractions of scientific papers

  4. Senarai Penerbit Jurnal dan Jurnal yang Tidak Diiktiraf oleh KPT

  5. Senarai Penerbit yang Diiktiraf KPT

  6. Beall's List of Potential Predatory Journals and Publishers

  7. Stop Predatory Journals

  8. List of Standalone Journals: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals

  9. Scopus Discontinued List of Journals

  10. WoS / JCR Suppression List of Journals

List of Articles about Predatory Journals

  1. Elsevier Response Scopus Predatory Journals

  2. Predatory publishing in Scopus: evidence on cross‑country differences

  3. Blacklists and Whitelists To Tackle Predatory Publishing: a Cross-Sectional Comparison and Thematic Analysis

  4. Predatory journals: no definition, no defence

  5. Hundreds of 'predatory' journals indexed on leading scholarly database 

List of Indexed Journal

Indeks Jurnal






Writing Tools

Grammarly@EDU (Register & enter access code: fRloeoiShLBD6i2R)

Guides | Mendeley


Guides | Zero Draf of Thesis (ZDoT)

Australian Research Council




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